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Shopping in Sao Paulo

shopping1-190x127Paulistas say that if you cant buy it in Sao Paulo, you cant buy it in Brazil. They are probably right. Sao Paulo has it all, from international fashion boutiques to little local crafts markets. The city has a number of shopping areas worth exploring. Jardins is well known for its high-end fashion boutiques. The main shopping streets are Rua Augusta, the parallel Rua Haddock Lobo, and their cross streets: Rua Oscar Freire and Alameda Lorena. This area is packed with national and international brands, expensive clothing and jewelry, gourmet foods, and luxurious gift shops..

In Centro (downtown Sao Paulo), Rua 25 de Março is the place where Paulistas rich and poor browse the market stalls and small shops for inexpensive items such as belts, buttons, small toys, gadgets, towels, textiles, and socks. Keep an eye on your purse, though, as the streets are chaotic with vendors and stalls vying for space, and throngs of people making their way through.

For Oriental trinkets, there is no better place than Sao Paulos Japanese neighborhood, Liberdade. On Sunday there is a large market with great food and a variety of market stalls selling everything from bonsai plants to porcelain Buddha statues..

shopping2-190x127wetThen there are the malls, which in Sao Paulo have been elevated to a whole other shopping experience: elegant, upscale, and refined. Sophisticated brands, boutiques, and fine dining can be found in a number of malls; the best-known ones are Shopping Morumbi, Shopping Iguatemi and Shopping Patio Higienópolis , located in upscale neighborhoods close to the city center.

And finally, there are the street markets, which are particularly popular on the weekends. With antiques, food, and flea markets, they provide a great excuse to get out, browse, haggle, and shop. Product highlights include Brazilian designer clothing, art, antiques, jewelry, handicrafts and articles for home decoration..

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shopping3-190x127wetSão Paulo is a significant cultural centre with diverse areas influenced by Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, German, African, Jewish, Arab and Japanese residents and culture.

Some of the landmarks in São Paulo include the Neo-Gothic Cathedral of São Paulo, Pátio do Colégio (historic Jesuit church and school), Avenida Paulista, and Edifício Copan. .