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 Corporate Rates

Sao Paulo Guarulhos, best local company corporate hotel rates

Hotel Panamby provides local companies with special local rates. Whether you are in Guarulhos Sao Paulo for a corporate event or a trade fair, you will find a Hotel package that suits your needs. Our Sao Paulo Airport location is ideal for training courses, Sao Paulo business meetings, conferences and Sao Paulo social events. Hotel Panamby is just minutes from Sao Paulo International Airport.

Hotel Panamby for your Client entertainment

We at Hotel Panamby will endeavour to insure your Client meetings and entertainment are a complete success. We will provide your Clients, Staff and management with an exclusive and sophisticated experience in a relaxing environment, at a great rate. What better way to break the ice with a new Client or entertain existing clients. Give your clients a night to remember to clinch that deal.. Para obter nossas melhores Tarifas Corporativas mande agora um email para:

 For best corporate rates, email us at:

Here are some of the many Guarulhos local businesses located near the Panamby Hotel, along with their distances from hotel Panamby.

Company Distance from Hotel Panamby  
ABB Brasil 3 Km
Ache Laboratorios 1 Km
Bauducco 4 Km
Cummins 3.5 Km
DHL 0.5 Km
Dupont 4.5 Km
Fuji Film Sericol 10 Km
Hayes Lemmerz 1 Km
Kenya Transporte e LogĂ­stica 4 Km
Levorin 3 Km
Lincoln Electric 10 Km
Pfizer 2 Km
Puratos 5 Km
Ramos Transportes 3 Km
Saint Gobain 2 Km
Sew Eurodrive 10 Km
Tecfil 6 Km
Umicore 2.5 Km

Other services within walking distance: International Shopping Guarulhos 0.7Km

For further information on the Business services and accommodations found at the Hotel Panamby, contact us.

Tel: 11 2714 7300
Fax: 11 2408 7553